Minunは地球環境に配慮し、限られた数量でコレクションを製作・販売しています。これによりサステナブルなMinunの運営を可能 とし、またお客様の手に渡る商品の一つ一つを特別なものにしています。オンラインショップの商品の梱包にはプラスチック資材の使用を避け、リサイクル可能な紙の包装紙を使用しています。



Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Finnish nature and language to bring a touch of happiness to your everyday life

Minun is a print design brand founded by a designer from Helsinki, Finland. Our prints are inspired by the vibrant colors and natural beauty of the designer’s home country, as she wants to share the essence of Finnish lifestyle and culture with the world. The brand takes its name, ”minun,” which means ”mine” or ”my own” in Finnish, representing a personal connection and love for Finland.

The basis of our designs are the clean nature, four seasons and bright nights — in the winter moon light reflects off the snow and at the long summer nights the sun never seems set. From the deep greens of the forests to the bright blues of the lakes, Minun captures the essence of the Finnish wilderness in every print.

At Minun, we believe in being mindful of our impact on the planet and that’s why we keep our collections exclusive and limited in quantity. Not only does this help us to be more sustainable, but it also makes your purchase even more special. Additionally, we are committed to being environmentally friendly, that’s why we pack our online shop orders in recyclable paper envelopes and avoid using plastic wraps.

Our belief is to support local businesses by printing our posters and postcards locally in Japan. This allows us not to only help the local economy, but also ensure that our products are the highest quality. It’s our way of giving back to the community and we are proud to do so.

Thank you for choosing to support our small business and being a part of Minun family.