1. 何千もの湖や島々、森や険しい丘などの自然景観。
  2. 長く雪が降る冬と明るい夏と、四季が変化します。
  3. 厳格な環境政策と保全の文化の結果である、清潔で自然のままの環境。
  4. 多くの国立公園や保護区で見られる豊かな野生生物と多様な植物。
  5. 何千もの島々がある群島の海には、多様な鳥類、アザラシ、その他の海洋哺乳類が生息しています。
  6. 国内で観測できる自然現象であるオーロラと白夜。
  7. 伝統に深く根ざし、自然環境と結びついた独自の文化と生活様式。
  8. 世界的に有名な建築、デザイン、ファッションの伝統。

The Beauty of Finland

  1. Natural scenery, such as thousands of lakes and islands, as well as forests and Arctic tundra. Finland is the most wooded country in Europe with 71.6% of Finland’s area being forest.
  2. Varied seasons, with long, snowy winters and bright summers.
  3. Clean and pristine environment, which is a result of strict environmental policies and a culture of conservation.
  4. Rich wildlife and diverse flora, which can be found in its many national parks and protected areas.
  5. Archipelago sea with its thousands of islands, which are home to a diverse range of birdlife, seals, and other marine mammals.
  6. Northern lights and Midnight sun which are natural phenomena that can be observed in the country.
  7. Unique culture and way of life, which is deeply rooted in tradition and connected to the natural environment.
  8. Architecture, design and fashion tradition which are famous in the world.